Our story

For us, Identity’s not just a name; it’s a passion.

We believe that just like no two people are alike, no two businesses or organizations are alike.  That’s why you won’t catch us with any cookie-cutter campaigns. 

(Cookies are another story.  Chocolate’s even better 😉.)

We hyper-focus on your identity.  Who you are, what drives you, what you’re raring to give the world.  And we build a full-package brand, strategy and marketing campaign that will best project YOU and connect you with your audience.

As a boutique agency we’re all about the personal.  Personal touch, personal warmth, personal care.  Once you become our client, your business or NPO becomes our baby, and we will dedicate ourselves completely to its success.

Uniquely customized. Out-of-the-box creative. As personalized as your fingerprints.

Identity. It’s what we do. 


Premium services

Strategic plans & consulting

Successful marketing starts with a strategic plan. At Identity, we develop a personalized solution to help you achieve your company’s goals.

Branding & graphic design

Our business is making your business look good. Our talented graphic design team will create a memorable identity for your company.

Campaigns & campaign strategy

Developing and running a successful campaign is extremely complex. We’ll work with you to develop a mission, plan and strategy and help you see it through the finish line.


From simple landing pages to complex sites, we give you a sophisticated, ready-to-roll website that will put your business’s best foot forward. All types of digital media advertising available.

Event planing

A well-planned and expertly-executed event can strengthen your reputation and establish your position in your industry. At Identity, we’ll add the next-level wow factor as well.

Video production

Videos are the best way today to make an impact on your audience. We’ll help you create a powerful video that hits your audience in the heart.


Meet our amazing team

Devorah Wagner

Strategist and Marketing Director
Devorah is held in high respect by clients and collegues for her creativity, integrity and dedication to the cause as well her uncomplicated mannerism. With every new project, she always seems to come up with unique ideas, tailer made to the specific client and will always manage to create a personal connection between them and their audience.

Elisheva Goldwater

Chief Graphic Designer
With an eye for aesthetics and a grip for the technical, she has what it needs to use her Mac as a tool to turn concepts into reality. She is respected for her patience and her diligence.

Ayala Rabinowitz

Web Designer and developer
Ayala can take any service or product and turn it into an entire interactive experience in an esthetic, clean and professional way. She has many years experience and is extremely talented.

Gila Arnold

Gila is our in- house copywriter with many years experience. She also has feature articles in publications such as the Jewish Press, Mishpacha Magazine, the Jerusalem Post, Aish.com and more. She is extremely creative and detail-orientated. Her writing is carefully researched, yet sparkles with wit and personality.
Extended Team

Ashira Yaacobs


Stacey Kalla

Project Manager

Avraham Wellins

Human resource consultant

Bracha Rena Schamroth


Yehudis Auerbach

Email Marketing

Chaya Silver

Event Manager

Rivki Solveichik

Media Placement

Chani Felzenthal


Chani Felzenthal


Bracha Rena Schamroth



What our clients are saying

I have faith in you. You did a wonderful job and we received wonderful feedback. More people are now seeing the website so we learn more. It is a pleasure working with you. Delighted we chose Identity
DR. Mort Barr
Volunteer Executive Director, AJT learning Center
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Identity team for all their hard work regarding our recent election. The strategy and thought put into the campaign have gone beyond what we all imagined, and the results speak for themselves.
Shmuel Greenberg
Deputy Mayor, Bet Shemesh
I just got off the dinner and had to just let you know how gorgeous the whole site and virtual dinner were! I honestly couldn't imagine back when you told me about the plans, how you can pull of a new site with such complex features in so short a time- and you did. It was all done spectacularly! It really felt like a 'virtual dinner' and not just a pre-recorded video feeling that i kind of expected. Really gorgeous!
B. L
Yeshivas Toras Moshe
Rabbi Avigdor Brazil
Rabbi of Kehillas Abraichim shul
I just got a call from one of the top guys in the Israeli Charidy team saying that on three separate occasions today he heard Anglos in his town speaking about how amazing our campaign was 🙂 You’ve made big waves!
Yaakov Salomon
fundraising consultant and campaign manager, Charidy.com
הרב אברהם קאפ
יו״ר עזרת אחים
Ilana Toweg
Farmer wive