Kupa shel Tzdaka

About the event

The Kupa Shel Tzedaka of Ramat Beit Shemesh, one of Israel's largest charitable organizations, sought to honor their most generous donors with an elegant dinner event, meticulously planned from strategy to execution.
The chosen theme, "Infinite Impact," encapsulated the far-reaching effects of their philanthropic efforts.
Hosted at the prestigious Brakan Winery, the event featured a sophisticated design, combining simplicity with high-end elegance.
Invitations were crafted in the shape of wine bottles, adorned with gold print, and presented in classy envelopes tied with ribbons.
The venue was thoughtfully inspected to integrate the brand seamlessly, using circular motifs reminiscent of wine barrel tops for a tasteful, minimalist decor.
These motifs adorned both the hall and chairs, maintaining an understated yet refined aesthetic.
The menus were specially designed, and collaboration with catering and decorators ensured the desired look. Complementing the theme, a beautifully designed brochure and a compelling video were created, both highlighting the Kupa's achievements and reinforcing the "Infinite Impact" message through detailed visuals and a zooming effect, emphasizing the profound and expansive influence of the donors' contributions.

What we did:

  • 1.
    Event Strategy and Theme: - Concept of "Infinite Impact"
  • 2.
    Design and Invitations:
    - Wine bottle-shaped invitations
    - Gold print on invitations
    - Classy envelopes tied with ribbons
  • 3.
    Venue Selection and Branding:
    - Selection of Brakan Winery
    - Circular logo designs for venue decoration
    - Smaller circular logos for chair decorations
  • 4.
    Event Decor and Setup:
    - Coordination with caterers and decorators
    - Design of elegant menus
  • 5.
    Multimedia Presentations:
    - A beautifully designed brochure themed around "Infinite Impact"
    - A powerful video using zoom effects to convey the theme
  • 6.
    Overall Coordination and Execution:
    - Ensuring a cohesive, high-end, and sophisticated event atmosphere
    - Seamless integration of the theme across all event elements
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