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The Challenge

Strategy Session

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What we did:

  • 1.
    Strategy, concept and logo for VIP members
  • 2.
    VIP members membership card, brochure and digibook
  • 3.
    ‘Sukkos with Sulam’ logo and digibook production
  • 4.
    Sulam 70 years strategy, concept and logo
  • 5.
    Print material for marathon: adverts, brochure, sponsor signs, banners, flags, magnet
  • 6.
    Raffle cards and tickets
  • 7.
    T-shirt design, water bottle design, sweatband
  • 8.
    Email blasts building up to marathon
  • 9.
    Pasta party emails and adverts
  • 10.
    Building project- 4 custom-cut brochure designs
  • Results

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