Darkei Yitzchak

About the campaign

Darkei Yizchak, an Anglo shul in RBS G' under the guidance of Rav Dzialowski Shlit"a, serves a diverse international community. Previously housed in a cramped caravan, the shul lacked adequate space for its members and events such as bar mitzvahs or kiddushim. Tasked with raising 8,000,000 NIS for a new building, we developed the concept "Strong Pillars, Solid Foundations," symbolizing both the physical structure and the enduring values of the shul, with a nod to the Rav as the community's pillar. To generate excitement, we sent Shabbat packages to members and erected large kappa pillars on the building site to spark curiosity. We also adorned the caravan with signs to build anticipation. Invitations shaped like pillars were sent for a grand event held in a tent on the plot. The dinner's theme revolved around pillars, with donation options reflecting different types of pillars (e.g., Gold, Diamond, Platinum). The event successfully secured the full amount pledged. A follow-up crowdfunding campaign included a call center and comprehensive marketing materials, culminating in raising nearly 9,000,000 NIS.

What we did:

  • 1.

    Campaign Strategy and Concept:
    - Development of the "Strong Pillars, Solid Foundations" theme
    - Detailed fundraising strategy

  • 2.

    Branding and Design
    - Campaign logo and visual identity
    - Themed marketing materials and graphics

  • 3.

    Member Engagement:
    - Shabbat packages for members
    - Kappa pillars erected on the building plot
    - Signage on the caravan to create hype and excitement

  • 4.

    Event Direction and materials:
    - Stunning pillar-shaped invitations
    - Venue selection and setup (tent on the building plot)
    - Event program and schedule
    - Themed decorations and materials for the dinner eve

  • 5.

    Fundraising Materials:
    - Custom donation tiers (Gold, Diamond, Platinum, etc.)
    - Pledge cards and forms

  • 6.

    Marketing and Outreach:
    - Email marketing campaigns
    - WhatsApp message templates and graphics
    - Social media content and strategy

  • 7.

    Crowdfunding Campaign:
    - Call center setup and scripts
    - Crowdfunding website design and banners
    - Follow-up marketing materials

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