Eitz Pri Kollel

About the campaign

Eitz Pri, a unique kollel where avreichim are trained in outreach and kiruv alongside their learning, needed to raise $200,000 to expand its activities and membership. Facing the significant challenge of fundraising during the early days of the war following October 7, amidst numerous campaigns for soldiers, we devised a creative and compelling strategy. Given the kollel's outreach focus, we proposed that each kollel couple develop and execute a meaningful project aimed at fostering unity and love during these dark times. Mirroring a marathon, each couple created a video and their own fundraising page, under the campaign theme "Bringing Light to the Dark," with black and white branding. To generate excitement and engagement, we hosted a beautiful dinner featuring a promo video showcasing an impactful project, stirring emotional connection. The couples' heartfelt initiatives and personal project videos, coupled with a dedicated call center, marketing emails, WhatsApp messages, and a powerful kollel video, culminated in a remarkably successful campaign, surpassing the goal and raising over $210,000.

What we did:

  • 1.

    Campaign Strategy and Plan:
    - Comprehensive fundraising strategy
    - Detailed project plans for kollel couples

  • 2.

    Branding and Design:
    - Campaign theme: "Bringing Light to the Dark"
    - Black and white branding concept

  • 3.

    Event Planning and Execution:
    - Themed fundraising dinner
    - Venue selection and setup
    - Dinner program and schedule

  • 4.

    Promotional Materials:
    - Promo video showcasing a sample project
    - Emotional and connecting video content

  • 5.

    Kollel Couple Projects:
    - Guidelines for creating meaningful projects
    - Individual fundraising pages for each couple
    - Project concept videos by each couple

  • 6.

    Marketing and Outreach:
    - Email marketing campaigns
    - WhatsApp message templates
    - Social media content and strategy

  • 7.

    Fundraising Tools and Resources:
    - Dedicated call center setup
    - Fundraising materials and scripts for volunteers

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