Makor Chaim

About the campaign

Mekor Chaim, a Yeshiva Ketana in Golders Green, reached out for help with a fundraising campaign.
As it was during Covid, the yeshiva had consulted with rabbanim regarding the appropriateness of running a fundraising campaign while the yeshiva was officially closed. They were told not only to do it, but that donating to the campaign would serve as a zechus for people to get through the pandemic. Based on this idea, we chose ‘Living Torah’ as the campaign theme. This evoked a double meaning: the yeshiva produces students who live Torah, and Torah itself gives life - a zechus for protection from Covid. Throughout the campaign we expanded on this concept, creating a build-up of ideas by changing the first word to spotlight the yeshiva’s values: Living Torah/ Building Torah/ Loving Torah.
All of this messaging climaxed in the final message: Supporting Torah. By shifting the spotlight from the yeshiva to the donor, we transitioned into the call to action.

Results: The yeshiva succeeded in surpassing its fundraising goal of £300,000!

What we did:

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