Netzach Israel

About the campaign

Netzach, a Beit Shemesh educational institution with schools for boys and girls, asked us to help build a strategy and concept for a fundraising campaign and event.
Since we wanted to emphasize that this is a family-based institution, we decided to run a Torah-thon which would become a family project. Everyone in the family took part in learning something, each at their level, in order to make a grand Siyum haTorah. At the same time, they worked on getting sponsorships for every perek of Chumash/ Mishna/ daf Gemara learnt. For the campaign slogan, we chose “Hachelek Sheli Lanetzach” using the word “Netzach” to evoke both the school’s name and the concept of earning an eternal reward. It conveyed the message that by learning or donating towards a building of Torah learning, you will earn eternal reward. Our job included creating the entire concept and strategy, producing a logo and all campaign materials, planning and marketing the magnificent siyum event in Binyanei Hauma, and building excitement among the students, staff and parent body, through a digital and print publicity campaign, for the Torah-thon, fundraiser, and siyum event.
Results: Netzach school exceeded its fundraising goal of 2,000,000 nis, raising 2,260,222 nis.

What we did:

  • 1.
    Concept and campaign logo
  • 2.
    Giant wall puzzle-piece display picture
  • 3.
    Event invitation
  • 4.
    Personal certificate design for each child
  • 5.
    Shas-athon website UI & UX
  • 6.
    Handouts for event - tefillos, podium, pekalach bags, stickers, brochure
  • 7.
    Big printed signs at the event and rollups
  • 8.
    Whatsapp and social media banners building up to the campaign and throughout

    All marketing material was produced in both Hebrew and English.
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