Orchos Moshe

About the campaign

Yeshivas Orchos Moshe, a yeshiva for high school boys in Ramat Beit Shemesh, was in the process of building a new building but lacked funds to complete it. They approached us to devise a strategy to motivate the parents of their student body to donate to the building campaign and also get their family and friends to donate.

Since the campaign was taking place in the days leading up to Shavuos, we chose as a theme the pasuk “V’sen chelkainu besorasecha” (Give us a part in Your Torah). To drive home this message, we used the concept of puzzle pieces. Each family received a beautiful gift bag for Shabbos that included a puzzle of the yeshiva, an invitation to the major campaign event, and a large, unique puzzle piece. Upon donating to the building campaign, their family’s puzzle piece was placed on a beautiful board, to be used eventually as an aesthetic centerpiece in the new building. It was a tangible way to express that every person is important in this campaign. Just as many puzzle pieces make up one picture, if everyone takes a part in this project, we can complete the building. We created a lot of hype around this puzzle, and had a truck drive around the town showcasing the board.
Additionally, we planned a big women’s event on erev Shavuos for the mothers of the yeshiva boys. Themed “a woman’s part in Torah”, it was a way to get them emotionally involved in the campaign as well.
To make this campaign user friendly and easy to share with family and friends, we built a website where people could choose a puzzle piece and make their donation.

What we did:

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    Designed and produced all campaign material
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