Tomchei Shabbos

About the campaign

Tomchei Shabbas, the local tzedaka fund of Har Nof reached out to us for help with getting the community pumped up and connected to the cause following Covid.

For their Purim campaign, we came up with the idea of creating donation stations throughout the city, using the concept of a gas station to give over the message that by giving tzedakah, they are “filling themselves up” with zechuyos that will keep themselves running and also giving ‘gas’ to the needy to help them continue going. We branded the stations as Ten, the name of an actual gas station franchise in Israel, with a play on the Hebrew means “give”

The results were amazing! The streets were filled with unbelievable vibes of excitement, and left community members feeling very connected and emotionally involved in the campaign. Following the success of Purim, they asked us to come up with a concept for the Pesach campaign. Using the pasuk “kol dichfin yasai veyaichol” the declaration on the seder night making sure the poor have what to eat, we expanded on the word “kol” (all), using it as ‘the branded word’ for all of the messaging.

Everyone should be giving, we need to help every poor person, give them all they need etc. Again, we succeeded in creating a connection between the givers and the needy.

For both of these campaigns, we put strong emphasis on motivating and inspiring the volunteers. We produced special campaign material for the volunteers in which we personalized the campaign messages.

What we did:

  • 1.
    Concept and campaign logo
  • 2.
    Outdoor signs - banners and gazebos
  • 3.
    Adverts and building signs
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Door brochure
  • 6.
    Big brochure
  • 7.
    Personalised whatsapp statuses
  • 8.
    Envelope design and mail merge
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